Chica Americana goes to camp

I’m finally making my way through the two boxes of beer I schlepped back from Europe with me. Trying to get through the IPAs first so the hops don’t fall out but there is not always a time and a place to bust out a sick Dutch beer, you know?

The time for Rooie Dop‘s Chica Americana, however, was last weekend. The place was Rock Creek Campground, about 10 miles up the road from Tom’s Place and the I-395. It gushed a little bit (okay, a lot bit), but that’s probably my fault for taking it up to 10,000 ft. elevation before drinking it. Really malty, but remnants of the fruity American hop aroma that you know it wanted to have. Got this bottle in the De Molen bottle shop in Bodegraven, Netherlands. The beer was brewed by the Utrecht-based Rooie Dop guys on De Molen’s system. Some more was even sitting in the “Obi One” fermenter when I stopped by a few months ago.

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