Bootlegger’s training day and a return to the OC


Saturday was my first day helping out at the Bootleggers Brewery tasting room in Fullerton. Creepy thing is, I’d never actually been there before (I was asked to come in one day a month based on my performance at their 4th Anniversary party, which was held at The Muck), so I was walking into a completely new operation. But a bar is a bar and pouring beers is like riding a bike, so once I figured out the timing on the mason jars they use for pint glasses (awesome, I know), I was smiley and golden.

I got to taste a lot of the Bootleggers seasonals that I never get to try (Wildfire Wheat, McDougal Scotch Ale, Smokin’ Joe’s) and eventually settled on the Tropical Thunder, which is a pale ale hopped with citra and hallertau (noble plus American hops is how all hoppy beers should operate). Reminds me of Drakes Aroma Coma (at least in the please-let-me-be-reborn-in-a-placenta-full-of-this way).


Might have been more bummed that I only got two hey-don’t-you-work-at Congregations, but it was also a slow night and for that, my still-training self was glad.

It feels weird but good to be doing some customer service in Orange County again–even better to be in a casual work environment where the answer to “what’s my discount on growlers?” is “you get free bottles with every paycheck.” Can’t wait to do this again at the new tasting room after they move next month!

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