It was a Pizza Port kinda day


Today was the most impromptu summer day I’ve had in a while and it consisted of blowing off hours of work I should be doing to prepare for Monday and driving down to Pizza Port San Clemente instead (I’d like to thank one of my main cholas for making this happen).

The drive through much of Orange County was miserable, but of course San Clemente was worth the wait with a beachside breeze, train track-adjacent beaches and the closest Pizza Port to Los Angeles.

As soon as we got there, I had to do a phone interview with Twin Shadow for an IE Weekly story I’m writing and so the first 20 minutes on site were spent in the car asking what about the 80s is so cool to him and being told that “I don’t like to categorize what I do into genres.”



Finally got in, got a pint of Middle Man IPA, ordered a small Monterey pizza and slid into positive vibes. Though I live in Long Beach it’s very hard to get that authentically sun-washed comfortability that so many of the small south OC towns posses (a shirtless man in Long Beach, for example, is a cause for concern). Sitting on Pizza Port’s upstairs patio, however, the gibrone-watching is easy, but you grow to wishing that every day was a board short day and appreciate even more the amazing beer that has been coming out of these establishments for years.

After purchasing a growler of the IPA (couldn’t resist its summer-friendly aroma!) and a tshirt with the shop’s extra old school logo, my posse and I were beach bound and ended up catching high tide on some rocks while pouring out Middle Man into some biodegradable corn cups.


Took Pacific Coast Highway all the way home and am currently heating up the leftover pizza, which I’ve discovered is almost a good enough excuse on its own for making the drive (the beer ain’t too shabby either).

Pizza Port San Clemente is located at 301 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA (949) 940-0005,

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