Back to school edition: another interview with a badass beer chick

Paige Reilly at Mohawk Bend right after our interview.

Another beer chick I’ve been wanting to meet (aka force to be a new lady beer friend) is Mohawk Bend’s Paige Reilly. I know I am not always 100% on board with Tony Yanow’s role in L.A.’s growing craft beer community, he does have an eye for awesome people and has some of the coolest chicks in the industry working for his breweries, bars and restaurants (sup Cambira!!).

Paige is the “Beer Champion” (seriously, read her business card) at Tony’s Darts Away, Mohawk Bend and the Golden Road Brewpub, meaning she buys all the beers and organizes all the education for new staff. She is super enthusiastic about her job and sharing beer and making the Los Angeles beer scene more educated in what they are drinking. I related to her even more when I found out she is around my age and kind of got into craft beer around the same time as me through a similar avenue (got job at beer bar as a way to learn more about beer). If journalism fails me, I’ve always wanted to do something like what she does–helping run a bar, teaching others how to love craft beer.

When Tony and I first met, he asked me what was my goal in life. And I said I wanted to make craft beer a totally normal thing. I want to walk into any restaurant and store in the universe and not even think about the fact that you’re about to buy a Stone IPA or whatever it may be. I do not care about being special; I don’t care about hierarchy. I just want it to be super normal — same thing as buying a bag of carrots. And I think that’s what we’re doing — making it normal.

Read my interview with her about her Back to School Beer Classes at the L.A. Weekly:

Q & A With Paige Reilly of Mohawk Bend: Mohawk Bend’s Role in L.A. Craft Beer, Back to School Beer Classes + Paying It Forward

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