San Diego Beer Week overload

View of Downtown San Diego from the hotel I stayed at the first weekend of San Diego Beer Week.

View of Downtown San Diego from the hotel I stayed at the first weekend of San Diego Beer Week.

For the last two weeks, I have been obsessed with San Diego beer. I mean, I’m always into drinking beer from “America’s Finest Beer City” (aka Beer City, USA), but it’s gotten very intense lately, what with San Diego Beer Week going on and me becoming the only published beer writer north of Camp Pendelton to take notice.

In a mere three days, I attended nearly a dozen events, drank beer from breweries I’d never even heard of before (Latitude 33, Societe), got new respect for some that I did (Iron Fist, you rule), visited beer bars I had never seen (Tiger!Tiger!, The Linkery) and got drunk four times (yes, that’s twice in one day–I slept the first one off). It was such a great experience getting deep inside a functioning beer community and as an outsider and L.A. beer writer, it gave me the opportunity to see the many ways in which Los Angeles can and will soon join the ranks of beer cities. We definitely have a long way to go, but hearing such positive things about places like Bruery, Monkish, Beachwood and more gave me confidence to say I’m from the most-hated land to the north.

I’ll put up my adventures from the Brewer’s Guild Festival and other events I attended in another post, but here, I wanted to compile all of the stories I wrote for the L.A. and O.C. Weeklys relating to SDBW. See you guys next year (hopefully at Hess’ new space??)!!!

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