Sarah Bennett is a full time journalist, editor and designer currently living in Long Beach, CA. She is the Executive Editor of the Long Beach Post and is a freelance writer covering beer, music, local arts and other cool things for L.A. Weekly, O.C. Weekly, Beer Advocate Magazine and more.

She first became involved in the beer industry while bartending her way through grad school. Since then, she has stayed involved both as a writer and an enthusiast of local, national and international beer.

One day, she realized that she was doing a lot of beerventuring and maybe people would like to read about it. She vowed that she would never post boring in-depth beer reviews (who reads that pretentious drivel anyway?) and instead would share the experiences behind the beers she drinks and the travels that lead her to them. Beerologue was born.

She would also like to take this time to apologize to her grandmother, who would probably rather see her middle grandchild as a good little Italian wino than someone who freaks out over beers with names containing more than two adjectives. She’s pretty sure that an Italian craft beer phase will soon be decimating her wallet, though, so cool it grams. She still loves her famiglia.

Email Sarah at thesarahbennett@gmail.com

Follow her on Twitter @thesarahbennett

Or read all of her published writings (beer and otherwise) at thesarahbennett.com

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