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Airwaves 2013 was a succes (aka why IE beer matters)!

The aftermath of Airwaves' bottle share.

The aftermath of Airwaves’ bottle share.

Don’t they say that you know a party was good if you don’t remember it? Well, since in all my drunken awesomeness I’ve never managed to black out, I know a party was good when I don’t have a lot of photos of it. With Beer Geek Radio‘s first anniversary party–dubbed Airwaves 2013–I spent so much time meeting new people, laughing my ass off and drinking good beer that the only photos that actually exist from the day are, like, two blurry ones my new drinking buddies (including one awesome chick) and one of a graveyard of empty bottles.

Billed as the largest collective bottle share in the Inland Empire, Airwaves was a beer festival organized to be not only a party for local podcast duo Beer Geek Radio (the subject of my IE Weekly cover story the same week), but also a chance for the local beer community to come together and drink beer from breweries in one of the largest growing scenes in the country.

I know that people (especially in LA) scoff at the idea of anything cool or culturally significant coming out of the Inland Empire, (much less beer worth drinking) but after attending Airwaves, I have even more respect for its beer community and feel like that what’s bubbling out there is worth a deeper look. Continue reading

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Road trip to FiftyFifty Eclipse Release Party


Last weekend, I drove more than 1000 miles, stayed in three motels (each with a varying degree of classiness), did my day job from the motel lobbies, drank from a dusty bottle of 1993 geuze, sampled a dozen versions of a coveted bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout and ate many chocolate covered pomegranate seeds from a well-stocked nosh table (I never did make it over to the savory side).

All this, the result of an epic beer road trip I embarked on last weekend-ish with a few ex coworkers to attend the FiftyFifty Brewing Company‘s Eclipse Release Party in Truckee, California. Continue reading

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If they were serving Brewdog at the Olympics, I totally would have gone


Got super over-thoughtful with my Olympic-themed post for L.A. Weekly, which ended up being about my picks for the beers that the London 2012 Committee should have chosen to represent the U.K.’s rich brewing history. Not necessarily the best beers from Great Britain, but the beers that are well-crafted enough to exist in large quantities, drinkable enough to session with while watching gymnastics for hours on end and interesting enough to be a good representative of the new and old brewing awesomeness that goes on out there.

Click the headline below to read  some of my thoughts on beers from Timothy Taylor, Sam Smith, The Kernal, Meantime and Brewdog.

Top 5 U.K. Beers That Should be Served at the Olympics Instead of Heineken + Happy International IPA Day

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New favorite summer beer: Belgian-brewed Belgian IPAs


Now that I have actually been to Belgium, I feel confident in this list of top 5 Belgian-brewerd Belgian IPAs, which is one of my favorite styles of beer. It’s sweet, it’s dry and there are centuries of amazing Belgian beer history brewed into every unfiltered, frothy cup. Let’s just say that drinking De Ranke XX Bitter at Moeder Lambic in Brussels was life changing. Yup, I drank the Belgian Kool Aid.

Top 5 Belgian IPAs: More Fun With European Hops

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BREWSTILLERIES: beer advocate april 2012 feature

My first big feature for Beer Advocate Magazine is out in April’s issue. I had a lot of fun researching it and am stoked that they gave me the opportunity to do something like this as excuse to get to know more about things I’m actually interested in!¬†Bought a fresh bottle of Anchor’s 18th Century Old Protrero Rye at High Times. Next stop: homemade manhattans.


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I am now a beer blogger. WTF, right?


Just in time for L.A. Beer Week, I started writing about beer for L.A. Weekly’s food blog Squid Ink. Finally, I get to do some work while drinking all this beer. Below the first post, originally published online here.

UNTAPPD: New Beer App Makes Drinking (Virtually) Social

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