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A few weeks ago, our friend Kim decided she wanted to clean out her closet (literally, not figuratively) and give back to us a Duvel magnum that had apparently been sitting in perfect cellar temperatures for a year. I remember buying these from whole Foods for $25 last holiday season, but I have no idea how it got to Kim’s or why it was in her closet. No matter, because all it means is that we had a magnum of aged Duvel ready for New Year’s Eve champagne replacement!!!

Though another year in beer is gone (and my “Year In Beer” zine I started in 2011 still isn’t completed…ugh), I am happy to look forward to the beer stories I have yet to write, the beer scene in L.A. that has yet to flourish and the beer magazine that my man is in the process of starting (Beer Paper L.A. is coming bitches!). I’m hoping to turn some notebook scribbles about incoming beer trends into a post someday soon, but for now, you better watch your back, 2013, because I’m already inside you.

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